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  • Education and Careers

    This page and its resources  have been put together to provide you with education and careers advice and guidance.

    Our team is here to support you in making fully informed choices that will help move you towards realising your ambitions and unlocking your potential. In this page you will find information on:

    • Key HACL documents
    • Careers Advice Hub
    • Information for businesses and employment
    • Volunteering Opportunities
    • Information on education, Learning and Funding
    • Hillingdon Libraries

  • Key Hillingdon Adult and Community Learning (HACL) documents


    Below you can find links to our brochure(s), our website and term dates. 

    'Brochure 2020-21 lists the courses available until July 2021.

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    HACL Careers & Education Advice Hub

    How to Navigate a New Career Path | Career Tool Belt

    Are you looking for a job? Is apprenticeship the right step forward for you? We have put together useful information to support you with developing your skills, careers and the job market. 

    Click on the red button below to enter the 'Careers Hub'

       Click on the red button to enter the 'Careers and Education Hub'

    At HACL we have a Careers Advice and Guidance team that can help you with:

    • Finding out about courses on offer
    • Recognise your skills
    • Consider choices and options open to you
    • Make informed decisions about your future
    • Create an action plan to help you take your next steps

    We can also offer you:
    • Impartial guidance interviews with qualified staff

    • Pre-entry, on-course and exit guidance for students
    • Information on learning opportunities, occupations and career development
    • Information on careers, education and training
    • Local and national information on College and university education
    • Access to a range of resources available to individuals including online resources
    • Access to specialist local help for vulnerable people and those with additional needs
    • Referral to internal and external sources of additional support

    We have dedicated National Careers Service (NCS) sessions and workshops at our centres, throughout the year where you can get support with writing your CV and applying for work. 

    Check out the webinars conducted by NCS on various topics including updating your CV, top tips for virtual interviews and more by clicking and registering at NCS Webinars.


    • Information for Businesses and Employment

      Employment | Sustainable Environment Online

      This section includes information on Employment, benefits, starting a business and more...

    • Volunteering Opportunities

      5 Reasons why we think volunteers are great people! - TeamKinetic

      If you're looking to enhance your CV, build on your experience or simply want to volunteer for personal fulfilment, there are plenty of options locally. 

      To become a Learner Volunteer, here at HACL or join our Alumni network, click  Volunteering with Hillingdon Adult and Community Learning

      For more information and ideas on volunteering see HACL Careers and Education Advice Hub above.

      • Information on Education, Learning and Funding

        This section includes information with links to websites and resources on bursaries, funding, schools, universities and adult education.

      • Hillingdon Libraries

        All London Borough of Hillingdon residents have access to Hillingdon Library services. This includes computer access and access to online learning opportunities. 

        Click the links below for more information.